Passport (Euromonitor): How to Search for Industries

Which country is the largest market in the world for an industry? Use Passport's Industry Dashboards to find out.

Passport Dashboards

Dashboards offer a visual and interactive way to use Passport's industry market statistics. From the global map choose a country based on its market size or Euromonitor's forecast of its growth rate.

For each country find data on market size, brand shares or forecasts of growth rates.  View rankings of the largest companies.

All  industry data is available as bar charts or as scatter plots. Save data as PDF or PPT.

How to Search

To find the Data Dashboards start at the Passport home page and scroll down to the box labeled "Search Dashboards." Select an industry.

open Passport Dashboards


The Dashboard opens in Map View. Countries of the world indicate their Market Size. Choose a country to view statistics.

Map of  Country Market size from Passport Dashboard


Change the Map View to show Forecast Growth Rates. Choose a country based on the forecasts. (Another Map View shows Market Share per Capita.)

Map with growth forecasts from the Passport Dashboard


Change Channels to see data on distribution channels. Store-Based Retailing offers data on channel sales and historic growth rates.

Passport Dashborad Channel View


View market share data for companies. Choose Company View from the tabs at the top of the map.

Passport Dashboard Company View

View Company market share in a Bar chart or scatter plot.

Nike Market share in Passport Dashboard