Passport (Euromonitor): How to Search for Industries

How to Search Passport for industry Analysis and Statistics.

How to search Passport (Euromonitor) for Industry analysis and statistics. Plus how to select countries with the best market share or growth forecasts by using Passport's Industry Dashboard.

How to Connect

Go to the Newman Library Databases page and choose Passport (Euromonitor)  from the A to Z list.


Passport Logo

Passport is a global market research database. Their industry reports cover consumer products and services markets (and a few industrial markets) in over 200 countries and 70 regions. Reports include market size, company shares, brand shares, distribution channels and profiles of leading companies and their brands.


All industry reports include datagraphics. View charts that show industry market size, sales, company shares, brand shares, and more. Export the images or look at related statistics.

How to Search

Use the Search Bar - Type the name of your industry and target country in the search bar. Choose the Country Report or select one of the Statistics reports. Click on View All Results to see all the current reports,

Passport Search for Industry


Search with the Industries Tab - If you don’t get a match using the search bar, open the “Industries” tab at the top of the page. Choose an industry from the menu. The Industry page will open with the latest analysis in the  featured Briefings. To find all reports on the industry or industry sectors, scroll down to the box for "Analysis Quick Links." and select a category.

Analysis Quick links box in Passport

Find a Country Report - To find an industry report for the USA or another country, scroll down to the Country Reports box and choose a country.

Passport Select a Country box

View the Country Report - The Analysis report will open. Use the download tab to save the report.

Passport Country Report:

Select Datagraphics - View charts reporting on market size, sales, company shares, brand shares, and more. Export the images or view/download the data.

Market Size Demographics from Passport

View Distribution Channels - The Datagraphics reports include a visualization of industry distribution channels. Data shows percentage of sales made through various retail outlets and by  E-commerce.

Passport graph of distribution channels