Information Literacy in Business Courses

The Case for Business Databases

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Use Business Databases

Consider the questions

  • How is authority recognized in business research?
  • What type of sources have value?

Business databases offer

  • Information in many formats: reports, data, news, scholarly research…
  • Targeted business information in analysts' reports, company profiles, industry surveys, market research
  • .Research from credible business publishers like S&P, Moody’s, Fitch, Euromonitor, and others
  • Financial data platforms from Bloomberg, FactSet, Capital IQ and others…
  • Resources corporate professionals use in their research – and students will use in internships and on the job

Business & Economics

Database Tutorials

During our "distance learning" semesters the Library  developed many database tutorials for Baruch students. The tutorials come in video or print format. Tutorials can be designed to focus on a particular database or a particular research assignment.