Business Source Complete: How to Search

How to Connect

Go to the Newman Library Databases page and choose Business Source from the A to Z list.

If you are off campus, enter your Baruch user name and password.


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Find full-text articles from academic journals, magazines and trade publications in all areas of business, management, finance and economics.

Find articles from: Fortune, Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes, and Investor's Business Daily.

Includes the Harvard Business Review from its first issue in 1922 to the present..

Tips for Searching Databases

Choose a Subject Database. Start your search with a multidisciplinary database like Academic Search or choose a database for your subject.


Brainstorm Keywords.  Break your research question down into one or more concepts. Use keywords to describe each concept.


Use  AND, OR, and NOT to link keywords in your search.  AND will narrow a search. Or will broaden a search. 

AND    Keywords combined with AND will retrieve records only where both terms appear.

AND is used to narrow a search

Example:   Avon AND strategy

OR    Keywords combined with OR will retrieve records where either one or both terms appear.

OR is used to broaden a search 

Example:   competition OR competitors 

Phrase Searching. You must put quotes around a phrase. Example: "global warming"


Truncate Your Keywords.  Search for plurals or other variant endings of a word by adding an asterisk at the end of the word stem.

Example: Downsiz* will retrieve downsized or downsizing

Example: wom*n will retrieve woman or women

Be Careful: cat* will retrieve cats, category, catastrophe


Search with Fields.  Look for a drop-down menu next to the keyword box and select a "Field"  to target your search. Expand your search with the "Full Text" field or select the field for Title, Abstract, Company Name, or Subject.


Be Creative. Your mental attitude plays a big part in designing and executing a successful search. Explore. Don't give up if your first search fails. Be patient. Use more than one database. Ask a Librarian for help.

How to Search

The Search Box. Most databases, unlike Google, don't use a single search box where you enter a string of words. Instead you have several search boxes and options to "Select a Field."

Brainstorm Keywords. Break your research question down into one or more concepts. Develop keywords to describe each concept.

Search Tips: Put phrases in quotes.

Use various words to describe a concept but be sure to connect them with “OR.”

Select the  "Company Entity" field when searching for companies.


sample search for driverless cars


Use Filters to refine your results.  Choose Scholarly Journals for peer reviewed articles. Change the date range.

Filter search results


To read the abstract click on the title. To view the article open PDF Full Text.

Article from Business Source

Use Find it @CUNY if there is no PDF Full Text. Find it! will link you to the full text if it is available in another database.

e.Use Find it @CUNY

Use Database Tools to  email, download, or print the article. Use "Cite" for APA or MLA citations. Use the Permalink to share the article.

Database Tools to email or cite