Sources for the Study of the History of Baruch College

City College Campus

Gate, College of the City of New York, New York, N.Y., 1898-1931

(New York Public Library)

Fugitive Sources

When doing institutional history it is always a mystery where your research might lead you. The researcher often thinks that all they want or need is in place in the archive or library that is being researched. When researching the history of Baruch College all of the materials are not at Baruch College, and even City College sources might not give you the answers you are looking for. You need to check other libraries which might also contain relevant information. These are some of them:

Arnold Tanzer, The College of the City of New York; Shall it Be abolished? New York: 1878. NYU

College of the City of New York. Programme of Examination, February 1870. College of the City of New York: Alexander S. Webb, 1870.  NYU

The Installation of John Finley, as President of the College of the City of New York. 1903. NYU

Songs of the College of the City of New York. New York: Walter Gibson, 1866. NYU, New York Public Library

Baruch Archives has a copy of this volume for 1926, but this is the only copy for 1866.

Some thoughts of the College of the City of New York read before the City College Club, November 16, 1901. Alexander Phoenix Ketcham, 1901        NYU

Constitution, by-laws and list of members City College Club. 1893.  NYU

 The Free Academy Cosmopolitan, New York, 1861.

This is the only know existing copy.   New-York Historical Society.

Report of the Executive Committee of the Free Academy, 1850.  NYU

Merit Roll—New York Free Academy  Hathitrust has 1854-1873?

            1864—Only at the American Antiquarian Society

            1862—Only at the American Antiquarian Society

            1865-1866—State Library of Victoria

            1857—American Antiquarian Society

Clippings 1855-1874  New York Public Library

The Review, v.2, no.1 (1884). Published tri-monthly by the Clionian, Phrenocosmian and Eiponian literary societies of CCNY.    New York Public Library

CCNY Chronicle (microfilm)-1916   New York Public Library

Examination Papers 1853-1879—Columbia University

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