CUNY SPS: COVID-19 Information for Nurses

General COVID-19 Search Strategy in CINAHL Complete

START HERE: The following search strategy in CINAHL Complete will return a fairly comprehensive, up to date list of COVID-19 related articles:

(Copy and paste ito PubMed, or just click on the follwing link to get the results):

"COVID 19" OR TX "COVID19" OR TX "2019nCoV" OR TX "2019-nCoV" OR TX "2019 nCoV" OR TX "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2" OR TX "SARS-CoV-2" OR ( (2019 AND coronavirus) AND (new OR novel) )


(See visual representation of this search below.)

(This search strategy for CINAHL Complete was inspired by those for PubMed on Duke University Medical Center Library's COVID-19: Core Clinical Resources Guide)


How to add terms to the CINAHL Complete COVID-19 Search on the left

1) Click on the link to the pre-existing CINAHL Complete search on the left. (Note what's happening in this search by looking at the box at the bottom of this page that represents it visually as if the terms were in search boxes.)

2) Add your terms in the second line:



Example search: COVID-19 AND Nurses


COVID-19 General Search Represented Visually so you can see what's happening when you click