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Mental Health Awareness Month 

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor - Mental Health Special

Trust me, I'm A Doctor:

Mental Health Special (2017)

This long-running hit gets behind the hype and headlines to find the truth about what's good for your health. The team look for the latest research and run major experiments involving hundreds of volunteers. What's the best way to beat stress?





Ernie & Joe Crisis Cops

Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops (2019)

ERNIE & JOE: CRISIS COPS follows two police officers with the San Antonio Texas Police Department who are diverting people away from jail and into mental health treatment, one 911 call at a time.

Here. Is. Better. (2021)

HERE. IS. BETTER. chronicles the stories of four service men and women, whose grit, smarts, and perseverance are on full display as they allow cameras to witness their most deeply personal, inevitably tense, raw, and honest therapy sessions in real—time. The film seeks to bring understanding to how the human mind responds to trauma, to what a diagnosis of PTSD means, and how PTSD can impact daily life, far removed from a military setting.


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