Marxe School Race Study Guide

Recent Additions to Consider

While databases are constantly adding new information, the following two databases may be of special interest for current research:


OneSearch: Search for Print and E-Books, Articles, Reports and Media Available In Baruch's Databases With One Search

Cover of e-book Vibrant and Health Kids: Aligning Science, Practice and Policy to Advance Health Equity

The above 2019 book is an example of an e-book that may be downloaded via OneSearch.

Additional Search Tips For Searching By Subjects

In advanced searches on OneSearch, one of the options to to search by subject.  The subjects are predetermined by the Library of Congress and assigned to books.  Sometimes, you might search by subject and find no results as the subject is not one used by the Library of Congress.  Once you learn the subject assigned to a book or report, you can click on the hyperlink and retrieve all the other materials in OneSearch with the same subject headings.  The Library of Congress's subject headings sometimes don't match with what you might of as a subject.  For example, Latinx is not used as a subject heading, nor is Black Americans . The broad subject heading are Hispanic Americans and African Americans.

A few of the many possible subject headings and additional subheadings used are:


Racism -- Prevention, Racism -- Government Policy,  Racism -- Political aspects, Racism -- Social Aspects

African Americans - Politics and Government Hispanic Americans -- Government Policy, Hispanic Americans --Politics and Government

Asian Americans -- Civil Rights; Hispanic Americans -- Civil Rights  African American -- Civil Rights

African Americans - Politics and Government

SOCIAL SCIENCE  --Discrimination and Race Relations

United States --Ethnic Relations --Political Aspects    Minorities --Social Conditions

Race discrimination-- New York (State) --New York  Racial Justice --United States

Sources for Academic/Peer Reviewed Articles


Every Baruch and CUNY student, faculty member and staff may have free access to the digital versions of The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and The New York Daily News.  For setting up a free  personal digital account, using Baruch email addresses is needed.

Additional databases offering news articles include: