Minerva Cuevas: Disidencia

Mishkin Gallery Exhibition, August 29 to November 1, 2019

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Location: 135 E. 22nd Street in New York City

Gallery hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
Gallery contact info: (646) 660-6653, mishkingallery@baruch.cuny.edu

Gallery Website: https://www.baruch.cuny.edu/wsas/artsculture/mishkingallery/index.html

The gallery is free and open to the public.

Current Exhibition



Minerva Cuevas, Disidencia, 2007 - ongoing. Video still. Courtesy of the artist and kurimanzutto.

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Baruch College’s Mishkin Gallery presents the exhibition Minerva Cuevas: Disidencia,  For her first solo exhibition in New York, artist Minerva Cuevas presents a body of video work that makes concise connections between the consequences of dominant economic ideologies and urgent, global ecological and social issues. 
Gathering eight video installations and projections, Disidencia (Dissent) brings together a range of visual strategies that Cuevas has deployed to engage with such topics as the decay of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, corporate America’s insatiable brand of globalization, and a video cartography of protests and resistance throughout her home city. At a time when divisive politics are on the rise and deregulation and privatization seem almost unavoidable, Cuevas shows us an alternative to such dangers and empowers our own social relations. 
Arranged in the gallery, works such as Disidencia (2007–ongoing), A Draught of the Blue (2013), and Donald McRonald (2003) suggest the latent possibility of revolt underlying everyday life. No Room to Play (2019)—a new work that explores the importance of access to public space, education, and play—will be included and resonates with Baruch’s founding as the Free Academy in 1847, the first free public university in the United States.

Minerva Cuevas (b.1975, Mexico City) is an artist creating research-based projects. She is the founder of Mejor Vida Corp. (1998) and the International Understanding Foundation (2016) and a member of irational.org since 1999.  
A free booklet with texts by Gabriel Bogossian and Solange Farkas (Videobrasil), Alaina Claire Feldman (Mishkin Gallery), and Clayton Press (author, professor at NYU and independent scholar) has been produced as part of Disidencia at the Mishkin Gallery. 
Disidencia has been curated by Gabriel Bogossian and Solange Farkas. It was first presented at Galpão VB (Associação Cultural Videobrasil) in fall 2018. The New York presentation has been organized by Alaina Claire Feldman. Major support is provided by Hedwig Feit and the Schindler-Lizana Fund for Latin American Arts and Culture. The exhibition is made possible by the Baruch College Fund and the George and Mildred Weissman School of Arts and Sciences. Additional support has been provided by kurimanzutto, Mexico City/New York.