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Fall 2019

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14 November 2019

Blog post #11 can be turned in by the end of Sunday, November 17

26 September 2019

Due dates for milestone essays pushed back

19 September 2019

Two new blog posts about using the blog

12 September 2019

Announcements on the class blog: I posted two new entries on the course blog this morning:

9 September 2019

Evaluation of weekly blog posts: I've added additional details about how I'll be evaluating blog posts from this point going forward (in other words, the second blog post and all later ones will held to stricter guidelines than the first one). I've written a blog post about this and updated the Assignments page on this course website to reflect these additional guidelines.

7 September 2019

Second blog post: Details on what to do can be found on the Assignments page of this course website.

5 September 2019

First blog post: Details on what to do can be found on the Assignments page of this course website.

4 September 2019

Ideas for the group research project: I wrote some posts on the course blog recently (and will continue to do so in the next week) with ideas about topics. To easily find all those posts I've written on the blog, follow the advice I shared on the blog post titled "How to Find Ideas for Topics for Your Group Project," which I'm copying here on the course website as well:

I’ll periodically add new blog posts here to suggest ideas for topics your group might want to look into for the group projects. You can find all of these posts by clicking the category label, “Group Project Topic Ideas.”

You can find this category link attached to every blog post that I’ve assigned to that category and you can find the link on the right side of the blog (the sidebar).

30 August 2019

Classroom location: Our class meets every Friday from 11:10 am to 2:05 pm in room 135 in the library building. To find the classroom, go through the turnstiles on the ground floor and turn to your right, then look for the signs. Do not take the stairs up to the library itself; that's the 2nd floor of the library building and the main entrance to the library. The classroom we're in is on the ground floor (the 1st floor).

Blackboard: Instead of using Blackboard, this course will use this course page on the library website.

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