JRN 3050 – Prof. Wulfhorst

Where Do We Get the News?

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How to Get to Library Databases

  1. Go to library home page
  2. Click the blue "Databases" button on the right side of the page
  3. On the Databases page that loads, the alphabetical list of databases is broken down into separate tabs. If you want to search in Nexis Uni, click the gray tab for "O - P" and then look for the Nexis Uni link on the page that loads.
  4. After you click a database link, you'll get a login page from Baruch.

Use this help page if you need help logging in.

How to Search Factiva

  1. Enter search terms (put AND in between keywords and use quotation marks around phrases)
  2. Select date range
  3. Run search

Factiva search screen


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Places to Do Background Research

Free Web Sites

Library Databases

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