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How to search IBISWorld for industry reports

How to Connect

Go to the Newman Library Databases page and choose IBISWorld from the A to Z list.


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IBISWorld provides industry analysis for over 700 U.S. industries as classified by the NAICS code. In addition, specialized industry reports cover new, emerging and niche industries. You will also find Global industry reports for selected industries. (Baruch does not subscribe to IBISWorld reports for the UK, Canada, China and Australia).

Reports include: industry performance & key external drivers, industry outlook & life cycle, products & markets including supply chain, competitive landscape, major companies, operating conditions and key statistics.

Reports are updated 1 to 4 times a year depending on changes in the market

Report Types & Special Features

Industry Reports - IBISWorld includes three types of industry reports:

  • U.S. Industry Reports - Over 700 key U.S. industries as classified by the 5-digit NAICS code.
  • Specialized Industry Reports - Over 700 industry reports for new, emerging and niche industries.
  • Global Industry Reports - Over 70 global industry reports.

Business Environment Reports - IBISWorld includes over 500 profiles of economic and market drivers that impact industry performance. The reports focus on the business environment in the United States but  you will also find reports on international commodities and some international economic factors.

Industry Ratios - All 700 core NAICS industries in IBISWorld include industry ratios from the Risk Management Association (RMA). You will find the ratios in the "Key Statistics" section of each report. You can download 10 years of historical ratios to Excel.

Porter Five Forces Analysis - IBISWorld uses Porter's model in key sections of the industry reports. Find analysis of buyer power, supplier power, threat of new entrants, power of substitutes and more.

Find a NAICS Code

How to Search

Search: Enter a keyword describing the industry or type in the NAICS code for the industry. You can also search by company name but only the largest companies are profiled.

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Choose a Report: Select an Industry Report or a Specialized Industry Report or a Global Report.


Navigate the Report: You can search for words in the report or open any one of the major sections of the report.

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Use the About Section: In the "About" section you will find a definition of the industry, a list of major players, links to related industry reports, and supply chain analysis. Key external drivers are listed and link to the IBISWorld Business Environment Reports.

Business Environment Reports in IBISWorld


Download Reports: Open the download icon next to the report title to download the full report You can also download individual tables or charts from within the report.


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