Undergraduate Honors Theses


Proposal Writing

  • Developing your topic
  • Literature reviews
  • Finding other undergraduate honors theses


  • Literature reviews
  • Using other libraries

Thesis Writing

  • Thesis writing workshops
  • Style guides


  • Guidelines

Making a Poster

  • Tips
  • Style guides


Chair, Committee on Undergraduate Honors
Associate Professor, Zicklin School of Business
Vertical Campus, 9-208
(646) 312-3582
  • guidelines for honors thesis program
  • writing proposals
  • deadlines
  • procedures
  • advice for identifying mentors
  • developing your topic

Stephen Francoeur

Honors Program Librarian
Associate Professor
Room 421, Newman Library
(646) 312-1620

  • finding and evaluating sources
  • developing your topic

To graduate with departmental honors from Baruch College, undergraduate students must complete a project that results in an honors thesis. As theses are accepted for honors, the library puts them online in CUNY Academic Works (thereby making them findable in Google Scholar and OneSearch). A smaller number of theses are available in print as well.

For more information, contact Stephen Francoeur, the honors program librarian.


This document from the Committee on Undergraduate Honors tells you everything you need to know if you're thinking of writing a thesis.

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