COM 3078: Group Communication - Prof. Seplow

The Research Process


Brock University Library

Use Scholarly Journals, Magazines & Newspapers

Scholarly or peer-reviewed journals publish articles written by academic researchers, scientists and others who are considered "experts" in their fields of work.  Often they are doing original research, based on new ideas or expanding on previous research. Prior to being published, the articles are submitted to other experts for peer review. 

Magazines are written by journalists for a general audience. They offer in-depth reporting, feature articles, interviews, news and commentary.

Newspapers cover current events. They offer in-depth reporting, interviews, and editorials & op-ed pieces. Some of the best known newspapers are The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and the New York Times.

Choose Your Sources

In databases look for the filters on the left of your results page. You can limit your results by choosing the type of source you want to use. You can sort your results by relevance or by date.