Data Services


The Data Services Group is a team of information professionals in the Newman Library who help our campus community work with qualitative and quantitative data. We provide:

  • Consultation services around identifying, obtaining, processing, analyzing, and visualizing datasets for research
  • Data services in acquiring datasets, producing value-added datasets, and processing data
  • Archival services in organizing, storing, describing, and providing access to datasets
  • Instructional services in the form of tutorials and workshops

We can offer guidance with:

  • data management plans
  • data visualization
  • data processing
  • data tools
  • geographic information systems
  • qualitative data methods
  • statistical tools
  • survey creation
  • web analytics

Data Services Group

Name Title Knowledge Areas Tools & Resources
Stephen Francoeur User Experience Librarian Web analytics, web design and usability Qualtrics, Google Analytics (basics)
Ryan Phillips Information Services Librarian Business and financial information Excel, financial databases, R (basics)
Linda Rath Graduate Services Librarian Qualitative methods and coding Omeka, TAMS Analyzer, Excel (basics), Qualtrics (basics)
Kimmy Szeto Metadata Librarian Knowledge management, data conversion, data structure / algorithm, database design Solver and Data Analysis ToolPak, Access, MarcEdit, Vocat
Charles Terng Data Services Librarian Data cleaning, webscraping, data visualization, data mining and predictive modeling, exploratory data analysis, and interactive dashboards in R Shiny. R, Python, and Excel
Jessica Wagner Webster Digital Initiatives Librarian Digital asset management, archiving, digital preservation, data management plans Institutional repositories,  ArchivesSpace, OxygenXML, Excel, Omeka (basics), Python (basics),