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Professional Organizations to Check Out

Why are professional organizations important? 

Professional organizations are great for a variety of reasons including professional development, networking opportunities, peer support/ mentorships for early professionals, and resume building. Joining professional organizations shows employers that you are committed to the field and continued development. Many organizations (but not all) also provide student discounts, mentorship, and scholarship opportunities!

Communication Studies at Baruch

Communication studies is both a scholarly and professional academic discipline that focuses on processes of communication in interpersonal, intercultural, organizational, political, and mediated contexts. The Communication Studies department at Baruch is part of the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, and offers a wide variety of courses.

The Department of Communication Studies at Baruch College offers the following programs:

  • BA in Business Communication 
  • BA in Communication Studies 
  • MA in Corporate Communication
  • Minor in Communication Studies 

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Communication Studies Majors at Baruch

The Department of Communication Studies at Baruch College offers two undergraduate majors: A BA in Communication Studies and a BA in Corporate Communication. This video describes the two majors and how to obtain more information.

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