The Work: An Exhibition in Two Chapters by Lise Soskolne

Accessing Books at the ERC


Please note that these books are available at the Mishkin Gallery for visitors to peruse in person.  Most have been loaned to the Mishkin Gallery by the Newman Library for the duration of the exhibition.  In order to ensure equal access through the Exhibition Resource Center (ERC), these books cannot be borrowed or removed from the gallery space at any time or for any reason.  We greatly appreciate your respecting and abiding by these access guidelines.      

Books on Gender Identity in Art or Feminism and Art

  • Bowles, John Parish.  Adrian Piper: race, gender, and embodiment.  Durham [N.C.], Duke University Press, 2011.
  • Broude, Norma and Mary D. Garrard (Eds.)  Reclaiming female agency: feminist art history after postmodernism.  Berkeley, University of California Press, 2005.
  • Dimitrakaki, Angela.  Gender, artWork and the global imperative: a materialist feminist critique.  Manchester: New York, Manchester University Press, 2013.
  • Mark, Lisa Gabrielle (Ed.)  WACK!: art and the feminist revolution.  Los Angeles, Museum of Contemporary Art, 2007.
  • Perry, Gill (Ed.)  Gender and Art.  New Haven, Yale University Press,  1999.

Books on Artists and community --Economic Aspects

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