CUNY SPS: Nursing - A Research Guide for SPS Students

Recommended Search Terms

  • Nursing
  • Nursing Practice
  • Evidence-Based
  • Nursing Care

These search terms may be useful when searching for articles within the databases.  Pay attention to 'SUBJECTS' that are tagged on relevant articles when doing research as they may provide suggestions to improve your search.

Featured Database

Journal Titles

PubMed for Nurses Tutorial

Finding Articles in Databases

Need to find scholarly articles? Start by searching in these databases that the library subscribes to.

Finding Scholarly & Peer-Reviewed Articles

Off Campus Access

SPS usernames and passwords, for both SPS faculty and students, provide:

  • remote access to Newman Library's electronic resources (databases, ebooks, online journals, etc.)
  • on-site access to computers at the library
  • access to the wireless network

At the start of each semester the School of Professional Studies Help Desk sends username and password information to currently enrolled students to their SPS email addresses.

For questions about SPS usernames, passwords and ID Cards, contact the School of Professional Studies Help Desk:

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