PAF 3710: Reforming Education - Prof. Kafka, Fall 2020

Free Digital Access to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

Every Baruch student, faculty and staff member may establish accounts for free access to the digital versions of The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Use your Baruch email accounts to establish the accounts.  They are good for one year after the start date.  Accounts may be renewed as long as one is a CUNY student, staff or faculty.

While the archives (past issues) may be searched in the digital access, other databases available through the Newman Library may offer more ways to focus searches in past issues.

Searching Databases

Many databases require you to use quotation marks to search for a phrase.

Some databases have pre-determined subject categories on education, education policies, and education reform that may be searched.  For other databases, you enter keywords, the words or phrases you want to search.

Keyword serches may also be built by using the connectors And, Or or Not.

Search results may be narrowed by the time period searched, and also by fields (parts of the article or report) searched, such as title or headline, author or publication name.

And narrows your search results to the words or phrases must be found in all articles or reports: "higher education" and "federal assistance"

Or broadens your search results as any word or phrase is retrieved: "first generation" or "first in family to attend college"  or "first in family to a earn college degree" 

Not narrows your results as it will exclude from all results any mention of the word or phrase you search with "not".  Not searches should be used cautiously in initial searches as you might omit some helpful articles.  For example, a search for tuition not private, would eliminate all articles mentioning private tuition, which would likely make some references to public tuition. If the article mentioned both public and private tuition, the article would be eliminated from search results.

Other Databases

Education reform is an interdisciplinary topic. Public affairs, psychology databases and databases focusing on specific groups are among those databases that may also be helpful for your research.  The following are also available through Databases by Subject on the Newman Library homepage: