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FIN 4775 - Technical Analysis; 3 hours; 3 credits. T

The course introduces the fundamentals of technical analysis, one of the oldest forms of security analysis. It first covers the history of technical analysis and its underlying logic and rationale. Students then learn the basics of charting construction and techniques, the calculation of moving averages, and statistical indicators such as relative strength and momentum. Finally, students learn statistical and analytical approaches needed to evaluate the predictions and results of technical analysis.

Prerequisite: Finance 3610, Finance 3710, and Economics 4000.

Use Bloomberg Professional at the SFSC Wasserman Trading Floor

Bloomberg Professional

Visit the Wasserman Trading Floor in the Subotnick Financial Services Center (SFSC), Room 125, at 151 East 25th St. (library & technology building), to create technical analysis charts on the Bloomberg terminals. You will find above Bloomberg fact sheets and a guide to get you started on creating charts using Candlesticks, Bollinger Bands, Gann lines, Fibonacci series, Relative Strength Index, Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD), and other analytical tools. Check the SFSC Wasserman Trading Floor workshop schedule to register and attend the next Technical Analysis Workshop during the Fall and Spring semesters.


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