International Corporate Finance

News from the International Press

Use these databases for comprehensive coverage of global business news.

Top Business News Databases

Analyst Reports

Financial analysts examine the financial performance of public companies and industry sectors for the investor community. Their reports identify strategic industry issues and provide financial forecasts. Their reports often include segment data not found elsewhere.

Tips for Searching the News

Searching for news about foreign companies  or foreign activities of U.S. companies often requires extensive digging through many sources.

Be creative in setting up your search. Follow some of these tips:

1. Search multiple databases. You never know which newspaper or magazine will cover your company.

2. Search trade journals and industry newsletters. Look for information about the company's products or brands as well as the company itself.

3. Search for news about company executives. Often companies are closely identified with their CEO. Search by the CEO's name rather than the Company name.

Tips for Searching Factiva

To search for business news on the operations of a company in a specific country in Factiva, search by  Region  to select a country  and combine this with the company name from the Company  search.

Press Releases - News from the Company

Companies will announce major events in Press Releases on the Investor Relations pages of their websites. Many companies also distribute these press releases to news organizations by using distributors like Business Wire and PRnewswire.  Search for press releases in these databases: