Management of Multinationals in Crisis

Your objective is to describe the crisis and the company's response. Answer these questions:

  • What was the cause or source of the crisis?
  • Where did the crisis occur? Who was involved?
  • What was the company's response?
  • When did the company respond? Who responded?

Find a Timeline of the Crisis

Use Google: For a crisis that was well covered in the mainstream media, Google will often link to a timeline of the key events. The Associated Press, Reuters, the BBC and the Guardian often publish news timelines. Be careful: often the timelines are just brief lists that only cover selected events or  time periods.You will need to supplement these lists with other news sources. Search Google using the company name and crisis keyword and the wor

Use the Wall Street Journal. Make your own timeline of the key events of the crisis situation by using  the Wall Street Journal. Limit your search to the year (or years) of the crisis, sort your results by date from the oldest to the most current, and display the results in headline format.  You can quickly search The Wall Street Journal in the database ABI/INFORM Global. Or use the database Factiva to search the Wall Street Journal in all its regional (Asia, Europe, US) editions.

Find News about the Crisis

Searching business databases will add perspective from business magazines and trade journals. Business Source Complete offers analysis from key business magazines including the Harvard Business Review.

Factiva is especially useful for its global coverage of business news. It includes articles from all international editions of The Wall Street Journal as well as breaking news coverage from Reuters and the Dow Jones Newswires. If your home or host country is an emerging market, use EMIS for local news coverage.

How Should I Use Factiva?

Factiva covers both the U.S. and international perspective with news from both the home country and the host country.

  • Search by company name, crisis keyword and country for the host country view.
  • Search the CEO's name to get management's perspective or a quote.
  • Use Factiva's indexing by SUBJECT to identify business news subjects and add them to your search. Try these SUBJECTS: Corporate strategy/Planning; Management; Corporate actions;  Financial performance; Earnings projections; Market share; Press releases; Corporate credit ratings.

The results list in Factiva shows the most recent articles first. Use the drop down box (on the upper left) to sort by relevance.

Use the Factiva Discovery Pane (on the left of the results page) to filter your results by Subjects , Regions, Executives, Industries or Sources. Use the Sources filter to identify stories from the local press (newspapers and business magazines).

Factiva includes news from important business blogs and business websites.

How Should I Use Google?

Avoid using Google for news coverage of the crisis.  Google News will give you a very selective view of the crisis with stories ranked by popularity (not relevance or date).. Sources will come from the popular press and blogs rather than credible business news sources.  Historical coverage will be incomplete.  Crisis coverage will have a U.S. perspective and international news and analysis will be missing.

How to Use Google for this Project

Use Google to search the Company's website for hidden documents. Set up the search like this - 

Use Google to identify special interest groups or others who played a part in the crisis. Set up the search like this -

Use Google Scholar to search for scholarly articles. Connect to Google Scholar from the library's list of databases to get free access to the fulltext of articles appearing in our databases.