Newspapers and News Sources

Search Tips


  • AND: to connect terms that may be anywhere in a document.
  • OR: to find synonyms, alternative phrases


  • w/n: to find terms that are within "n" number of words of each other.
  • w/s: to find terms that are in the same sentence
  • w/p: to find terms in the same paragraph


  • Truncation symbol is the exclamation point !
  • Use to retrieve singular/plural forms or variant endings of terms

How To - From LexisNexis

Nexis Uni has posted short (2 to 3 minute) tutorials on YouTube.

How to Search New York Newspapers

If you want to search  just newspapers from New York state in Nexis Uni:

  • Run your news search
  • Use the “Location” option in the “Narrow by” section on the left of your results.