Restaurant and Fast Food Industry

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Company Analysis

Establish a baseline of information about a company by examining what the company says about itself on its website, in its annual report, SEC filings and press releases.

All U.S. public companies must file an annual report, Form 10-K, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  In the “Business Overview” section of the 10-K, companies discuss their competitive environment. In the “MD&A” section, they discuss their financial condition and risk factors that might affect company performance.

Wall Street Research

Financial analysts from banks or independent research firms examine the financial performance of industries and key public companies.  They identify strategic issues as well as provide financial forecasts and investment advice.

Fast Food Chains

"Fast food chains, also known as quick service restaurants (QSR), comprise the largest segment of the restaurant industry." (Value Line. "Fine Points of the Fast food Sector" August 31, 2010)


Nation's Restaurant News in their "Top 100" report ranks restaurant chains by sales, growth, number of units and market share. Their segment analysis covers sandwich, casual, pizza, beverage-snack, chicken and others.