New York City Data

Learn where to access statistical data for the neighborhoods and boroughs of New York City.


Neighborhoods are informally defined areas within a borough, and different sources will use different definitions to delineate them. The following areas are often used for approximating neighbohoods:

NYC Data: What's In This Guide

This guide will help you locate data for New York City's boroughs and neighborhoods. The data may be organized in profiles (several pieces of data for one place) or comparative tables (one piece of data for many places). When looking for data, you will often have to balance geographic availability with currency and data format. Most of the sources in this guide are publicly available; the US Census Bureau and various City and State agencies are the main sources.

Boroughs vs. Counties

Larger than neighborhoods, boroughs and counties are the same areas with different names. Borough names are used by city agencies and the media while county names are used by state and federal agencies:

  • The Bronx is Bronx County (ANSI / FIPS 36005)
  • Brooklyn is Kings County (ANSI / FIPS 36047)
  • Manhattan is New York County (ANSI / FIPS 36061)
  • Queens is Queens County (ANSI / FIPS 36081)
  • Staten Island is Richmond County (ANSI / FIPS 36085)

About This Guide

This guide was originally created and maintained by Prof. Frank Donnelly, Geospatial Data Librarian, now at Brown University as of Feb. 2021.

NYC Data Librarian (interim)