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War Crimes

International Criminal Court:

Established by the Rome Statute of 1998, the Court became operational in 2002 and has jurisdiction over its member countries (neither the US or Russia are member countries). 

International Court of Justice:

Established by  the United Nations Charter in 1945 to settle disputes between member countries.

International War Crimes Tribunals:

European Court of Human Rights:

Set up in 1959 in Strasbourg as the judicial branch of the Council of Europe, the court is charged with interpreting law within the European Convention of Human Rights. For an overview of the Court, its history and activities see:

Goldhaber, Michael D., and Michael Goldhaber. A People's History of the European Court of Human Rights, Rutgers University Press, 2007. ProQuest Ebook Central.

War Crimes Documentation:

International War Crime Text, Law & Guides:

Geneva Conventions and Protocols. Full text and supplemental information from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

Universal Jurisdiction. Explanation of the concept by the International Justice Resource Center

United Nations Guide to International Courts and Tribunals

Books in the Newman Library:

For books at Baruch on war crimes. click here