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One of the largest global business news databases (more than 9,000 international newspapers, magazines and trade journals).


  • Breaking news from the Dow Jones and Reuters wire services
  • Archives of news from The Wall Street Journal and Barron's
  • Articles from the Financial Times (with a 30 day embargo)
  • Key business newspapers and trade journals from countries around the world
  • Television and radio transcripts

Search in English or 22 other languages.

How to Search with Indexes

Choose an index and click on the blue arrow to open the Lookup.

Start typing and then click to choose a subject.

How to Use Lookups

Construct your search with one or more indexes.

Use the Source Lookup to select news from the Wall Street Journal.

Use the Company Lookup to select a company or companies.

Repeat for Subject, Industry, and/or Region. All terms highlighted in yellow are your search terms.

Select a date range.  Click Search.

Sample Factiva company search



Examine the results page. Articles are sorted by date, the most current listed first.

Click on a title to read the full article or use the numbered check boxes to select multiple articles.

Use the icons on the tool bar to email, save, or print the selected articles.

Results list from Factiva Search


Use the Discovery Pane on the left to filter your results.

Click on companies, sources, subjects etc. to open those articles.

Turn the filter off to return to your original results page.


Use Filters in Factiva


Step-by-Step - How to Use the Free Text Search Box

Use the "Free Text Search" box.

Factiva home page
Enter your company name and keywords.

Use “and” to connect two or more concepts.

Search Tesla and earnings

Use synonyms.

Connect synonyms with “or” and enclose them in parentheses.

Search with synonyms

Select a data range (the default of "last three months" may not go back far enough for you.)
Scroll down for "More Options" if you want to search for your terms in the full article or just in the headlines and lead paragraphs.

Select date and fulltext

When you open an article from the results list you can find Related Articles.

Related Articles link


Ryan Phillips | Business Librarian

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