MGT 4880: Management of Multinational Corporations

Analysis of the impact of the crisis depends on your synthesis of many of the sources you have used in your survey of the company and the business environment.

Read News & Media Reports

News databases like Factiva are useful for identifying events and  assessing the short-term impact.  Use Business Source and ABI/INFORM for  scholarly research articles. and analysis from the business and trade press.

Find the Government Response

Governments are often involved in investigating and responding to corporate crises. Committees of the U.S. Congress might hold hearings. Government agencies will issue investigative reports or draft regulations. News reports in your crisis timeline will alert you to government action. Use the websites listed below to find official documents and hearing transcripts.

Chart Stock Prices or Financial Data

Analyze Financial Data

Revenue/Net Income - Look for changes in revenue and net income over time. Historical financial data can be customized and downloaded in S&P NetAdvantage and FactSet.

Business Segment Data -Thomson ONE breaks out revenues for major lines of business and for geographic areas.

Find Analyst Reports

After you have entered the ticker for the Equity you wish to analyze, enter the function code ANR for Analyst Recommendations or the function code BRC for that company's research reports.

Bloomberg is only available in the Subotnick Financial Services Center. 

You might also want to use: