MGT 4880: Management of Multinational Corporations

Use Company Press Releases

Company press releases provide the official announcement and response of the company to the crisis. You wil find press releases on the company's website.

Many companies also distribute press releases to the media through wire services like Business Wire and PR Newswire. If the company doesn't keep an archive of press releases on its website, you can search these wire services in Factiva.

Use Company Conference Calls

Companies schedule conference calls to discuss their quarterly earnings and to report on important transactions like a merger or acquisition or change of management.  The company CEO and CFO make presentations to open the call. Large institutional investors and financial analysts listen in to the webcast and interact with management in the Q&A session that follows. 

What you find in the conference call is insight from management.  The CEO and CFO will offer details about the company's financial performance and discuss the factors influencing those results. They will give their appraisal of current industry trends and often outline the company’s response to these conditions with short- and long-term strategies.

Transcripts, conference PPTs, and webcasts are posted on the company's Investor Relations page.

If the company website only offers the current conference calls, use Factiva or Nexis Uni  (linked below) to search for older transcripts.

Find Company SEC Filings

Read SEC Filings

The 10-K report. There are several specific items in the company's 10-K report to the SEC that are useful for analyzing the business or legal impact of corporate events.

Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) - Item 7. In the MD&A companies must disclose information about trends, events or uncertainties that would have a material impact on the company's financial condition. [Note: The MD&A is updated every quarter in the company's 10-Q filing.]

Risk - Items 1A and 7A. The company must address risk factors for the company and its industry and economic environment as part of their business description (Item 1A). Financial risk is reported in Item 7A, part of the MD&A analysis.

Legal Proceedings - Item 3. Significant legal issues must be reported .

Business Description - Item 1. Offers a comprehensive look at the company's operations including:

  • Description of the company's product lines and business segments
  • List of subsidiaries and geographic locations
  • Discussion of company strategy
  • Mention of contracts, raw materials used, and supplier or distribution channels
  • Names of the competition and discussion of competitive factors in the market
  • Mention of research and development or intellectual property issues that are important to company operations
  • Key government regulations in their industry
  • Outline of risk factors to consider in evaluating the company's business

The 8-K Report. The 8-K is used to announce corporate changes to the shareholders including mergers, bankruptcy, and changes in management. These unscheduled material events must be disclosed within four days of the event.

Foreign Companies Listed in the U.S.

Foreign companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges are required to file annual reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). All companies must file an annual report, Form 20-F, within six months of the company's fiscal year end. Any filings that a foreign company issues to its local securities regulators or stock exchange must also be submitted to the SEC using the Form 6-K,

Use the  SEC's EDGAR database  to find these reports.

Find Foreign Company Annual Reports

Your first step should be to search the company's investor relations page or website.

Foreign companies that are listed in the U.S. must file with the SEC. Search the SEC's EDGAR database.

Mergent Online offers current and historical Annual Reports for public  U.S. and foreign companies.

If you still don't have the reports try the securities regulators or stock exchange in the country where the company trades.