Visualizing Global Company Operations through Identifiers and Classification Codes

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The intent of the poster was to search out and display as many different and unique classification schemes, codes and identifiers available for industries, companies, and products. I selected an international company, Chiquita Brands International, then located and displayed many available codes and schema as possible available from governments, international organizations, and found in business databases. Company operations like exporting, importing, adhering to performance and safety standards, and securitization to name a few all require codes used domestically and across borders.

The poster displays as much information that fit in the space alotted and in the form of a radial and cartesian tree. The data visualization was achieved by using D3 scripts (attribution below). Though the content is merely codes and schema, the visual display offers an interesting glimpse into the purview of a global company and its operations. 

D3 Source Code Attribution

Radial and cartesian layout of the Reingold–Tilford Tree developed with D3, relying heavily on code written by Jeff Heer and Jason Davies.

mbostock’s block #4063550 November 13, 2012.

Presented during the 2014 Special Libraries Association Conference Business & Finance Division poster session in Vancouver BC, Canada.
June 2014.

Radial Poster of a Chiquita Banana

Cartesian Poster of Chiquita in Banana Industry

Download the full-sized pdf posters below.

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