Supermarket and Grocery Industry

A guide to resources for researching the supermarket industry.

Industry Surveys

Market Research

Association Reports and Data

News and Industry Trends

Trade Journals

Trade journals, magazines written for practitioners in an industry, cover news and offer analysis from industry insiders.

Company Profiles

Start by examining what the company says about itself on its website, in its annual report, SEC filings and press releases. Look at the  latest Conference Call (or Earnings Call) transcript on the company's Investor Relations page.

In the company's 10-K report pay particular attention to the “Business Overview” section (Item 1) where companies discuss their competitive environment and the “MD&A” section (Item 7) where they discuss their financial condition and the risk factors that might affect company performance.

The following databases offer profiles and data on public companies, both U.S. and international.

Economic Environment