HR Issues: The Gig Economy

Despite the growth of non-traditional or alternative work arrangements in today's economy there is no official government definition or statistical measure for gig workers. Contingent workers, precarious workers, freelancers, independent contractors, temp-agency workers and online-platform workers are just some of the workers that are part of the gig economy.

BLS Measures the Gig Economy

In 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics issued a report measuring contingent workers and workers in alternative work arrangements.

Contingent workers are those who do not have an implicit or explicit contract for employment. This can include the self-employed and independent contractors.

Alternative work arrangements include independent contractors, freelance workers, worker who are on call or who work for a temp agency.

Reaction to the BLS surveys:

Experts Puzzled by New BLS Contingent Workforce Data - SHRM post June 2018.

Economists Katz and Kreuger Measure the Gig Economy

More Measures of the Gig Economy



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