POL 4900: Political Science Capstone Seminar - Prof. Golob, Spring 2023

The Scholarly Conversation

  • Who is a scholar and what do they do?
  • How does a scholar share findings?
  • Scholarship as a conversation

Background Reading


  • Get up to speed quickly on a topic
  • Deepen but also broaden your sense of a topic
  • Learn new jargon and buzzwords that will help with searches

Best places to do background reading

Gale eBooks (database we subscribe to)

Also consider

  • Introduction and literature review sections of scholarly journal articles

Finding Scholarly Sources

Use OneSearch

Search Tips

1. Quote marks around phrases = more precise results

quotation marks around phrases

2. Type AND in all caps between concepts

Search connector words in all caps

3. "Filter" your search results by resource type, date, and more. Use the "Limit to" option for "Peer Reviewed Journals" to get just scholarly journal articles.

Filter my results on left side

4. Use "Advanced Search" mode for greater control

Advanced search mode

Identifying Resource Types in Search Results

After you use the search box for OneSearch on the library home page, you see results that include different kinds of resources. Above the title of each item (in blue) is a label identifying the resource type

    • if there's a "PEER REVIEWED" label on that listing, the article came from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal
    • if there's no label, the article is from a newspaper or magazine
  • BOOK
    • If there is a green "Available Online" link in the listing, that's an ebook
    • If there is no green "Available Online link, that's a print book
    • Chapter from an ebook
    • entries from encyclopedias and dictionaries

Search results page in OneSearch

Finding Sources from NGOs, Think Tanks, and More

Finding Legal Sources

Finding Newspaper and Magazine Sources

Do Yourself a Favor and Start Using Zotero!

APA Style

How To

Citation Generators

MLA Style

Ask a Librarian for Help

This tab was Originally Created by Stephen Francoeur

This tab was originally created by Stephen Francoeur for Prof. Golob's Spring 2022 POL 4900 class.