BUS 2000: Company Analysis

Public or Private?

All companies whose securities are traded on U.S. stock exchanges must file regular financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the SEC. Private companies do not.  It is often difficult to find financial information about private companies.

Annual Reports

The annual report is not a required SEC filing but is used by corporations to communicate directly with their shareholders.

Annual reports feature the CEO's Letter to the Shareholders.  They often include financial highlights, management biographies, product profiles, information on corporate philanthropy and community programs, and career opportunities.

Annual reports often look like marketing brochures with many graphs, charts and photos.

Check the Investor Relations pages of the company's website for the annual report or use one of these databases:

SEC Filings

Most  public companies provide copies of their SEC filings on the Investor Relations pages of their web site. The databases listed here also give access to company filings.

Subotnick Center/Wasserman Trading Floor


Wasserman Trading Floor Located In Baruch's Newman Library Building

The Wasserman Trading Floor in the Subotnick Financial Services Center is located on the ground floor of the Library building.

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Ticker Symbols

Tickers are letters assigned to a security for trading. Each listed company will have a unique ticker. Searching with a company's ticker is fast and easy.

Stock Price Charts