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Go to the Newman Library Databases page and choose Mergent Online from the A to Z list.

Mergent Online Description


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Mergent Online is one of the best places to begin your research on a U.S. public company. It provides profiles of  over 15,000 public companies including companies that have merged, were acquired, went bankrupt, liquidated or otherwise disappeared since 1996.

Each company profile includes:

Business - A business description from the company's 10-K report.

Industry codes - Both NAICS codes.and SIC Codes.

History - A brief list of major corporate events and a summary of M&A activity.

Subsidiaries - A list of subsidiaries with the percentage owned.

Long-Term Debt - A list of debt outstanding and detailed descriptions of all debt issues (active and matured).

Business Segments - A business segment and geographic analysis from the 10-K. Revenues for up to 15 years/quarters.

Earnings Estimates - Summary and detailed consensus estimates for the previous 3 years and the following 3 years.

Capital Stock - Details of all capital stock and dividends paid.

Ownership - A list of the top 25 institutional holders.and an Insiders report.

Company Financials in Mergent Online

Mergent Online includes up to 15 years of annual and quarterly company financials that can be viewed online and exported to Excel. Open the "Company Financials" tab and use the pull down menus to:

  • View the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Retained Earnings or the full financials.
  • View financials in formats:  As Reported, Standardized or Restated.
  • View Company Ratios for the last 5 years

Find a Company Profile

Find a Company Profile. Search by company name or ticker.

Company search bar in Mergent



View Company Details. Browse the Synopsis or open links for company history, business, subsidiaries, earnings estimates and more.

Company Details tabs in Mergent


View Company History. Key events are listed first followed by events from the current year. View a year-by-year chronology of events or choose to view any year since the company's date of incorporation.

Company History page in Mergent


View Competitors. Key public companies in the industry are ranked by revenues. Sort the list by market cap, employee size or other factors. Change the list to view global or private company competitors or add a company to the list.

Competitors list in Mergent


View Company Financials. Use the drop down menus to view and download Balance Sheet/Income Statement/Cash Flow. Choose data over a specified time period from three years to 15 years to all available years.

Company Financials in Mergent

Download Full Company Report. Go to the Company Reports tab and open "Mergent Reports." Download in PDF the full company report (data and text from all tabs) including 3 years of company financial data.


Download the Fundamental Report. For an analysis of the company's stock performance and financial ratios, go to the Company Reports tab and view the Fundamental Report.

Mergent Fundamentals Report