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A guide to researching business and management topics.

Getting Started

Encyclopedias contain overviews of topics, which can include

  • the historical context of your topic
  • names of key researchers
  • theories and key concepts
  • chronologies
  • lists of articles and books about a topic

Use overviews to create a list of keywords describing your topic.

Use the keywords to search databases to find articles, books and etc.


Several online encyclopedias cover business and management topics:

Search for Books

Search the library catalog by title of the book, subject, keyword or the author's name.

Keyword(s): Search in:  

To focus your search, change "All fields" to "Subject" and use one of these subjects:

  • Business ethics
  • Business planning
  • Communication in management
  • Corporate governance
  • Executives
  • Leadership
  • Organizational behavior
  • Organizational change
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Organizational sociology
  • Management
  • Strategic planning
  • Total quality management