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American History to 1865
by Sandra Roff - Last Updated Jul 16, 2012
This American History guide which takes us to 1865 is an attempt to navigate students and researchers through the vast amount of research materials available in the field of American History.
American Politics and History 1865 to the Present
by Sandra Roff - Last Updated Jun 29, 2011
This guide helps students and researchers navigate the assortment of websites available on American politics and history.
American Urban History
by Sandra Roff - Last Updated Jan 11, 2013
This guide will help the user navigate the various sources on American Urban History. The economic, political and social consequences of urbanization will be the focus of the research resources.
New York City History
by Sandra Roff - Last Updated Jul 16, 2012
Sources for the study of New York City history are abundant. With books constantly being published and archival collections being digitized there is a rich supply of research possibilities for students.
POL/HIS 3005 Social Welfare Policy
by Linda Rath - Last Updated Sep 30, 2013
Primary Sources in American History and Culture
by Sandra Roff - Last Updated Sep 18, 2012
This guide is intended to assist students in locating and using primary sources in their research. Included in this guide are references to both real and virtual sources of interest to researchers in American History and Culture.
The American Economy 1865 to the Present
by Sandra Roff - Last Updated Jul 12, 2012
This guide will provide students and researchers with an assortment of online websites on important topics on the American economy.
U.S. Business History
by Louise Klusek - Last Updated Jul 23, 2014
Resources for researching corporate history, events, and business leaders.
We Are All One: Changes in American Society 1865-Present
by Sandra Roff - Last Updated Jul 12, 2012
After the Civil War, American society was changing influenced by the flood of immigrants to our shores and the social movements that swept through the country. This guide helps researchers find key websites on this important topic.

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