Electric Utility Industry

Resources for researching the electric utility industry.

What's in This Guide

The Industry - Industry surveys supply background information on how the industry operates, identify industry trends, and often list the top companies in the sector. Market research offers data on market share, distribution channels, brands and consumer demographics.

The Numbers - Statistics and reports on industry performance are collected by many trade associations, government agencies and private research firms.

The Competition - Identify the key players in the industry. Find company profiles, financial data and analysis.

The Environment - Read about issues related to the economic, regulatory, social, technological and global conditions of the industry.

News - Business magazines, newspapers and trade journals are key sources for identifying industry trends and keeping up-to-date on the latest industry happenings.

Industry Metrics

State public utility commissions set base rates and allow for electricity rate increases for investments made to recover the costs of building infrastructure. The NARUC website has a list of state regulatory commissions.

The electric utility industry uses many fuel sources including coal, natural gas, nuclear power, and renewable resources. Fuel costs are monitored by the EIA in their Electric Power Monthly reports. Their Electric Power Annual report covers costs over the last ten years.

Customer growth depends on new housing construction and demographic trends.  New residential contruction is measured by the Census Bureau.

Degree Days Statistics are reported by NOAA. Read about trends in the numbers in this report from the EPA.

Definitions of key concepts are found in the Glossary  from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.