PAF 4401: Capstone - Prof. Balboa Spring 2020

A Source from Another Library: Congressional Research Service Reports and From Other CUNY College: Hunter College's New York City Food Policy Center

Congressional Research Service Reports

Members of the U.S. Congress may request and receive nonpartisan research from librarians at the Library of Congress.  In recent years, these reports have been made available to the public (they are paid for by tax dollars.)  They cover many issues and concerns.  Many have links to other reports or provide references to current laws or proposals for new legislation.

The Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center develops innovative and evidence-based solutions to prevent diet-related diseases and promote food security in New York City and other urban centers. The Center works with policy makers, community organizations, advocates and the public to create healthier, more sustainable food environments and to use food to promote community and economic development. The Center aims to make New York City a model for smart, fair food policy.

Suggested Sources for Think Tanks

Think tanks, sometimes called policy institutes, are research centers that study and produce reports on issues of economic, social, education, political, health and environment, and other concerns.  While some think tanks may advocate for adoption of specific policies, others state that they are non-partisan.