PAF 4401: Capstone - Prof. Balboa Spring 2020

Examples of Available E-books

How to Search For and Locate Books

Don't have an exact title for a book? You can search by known author (entering the last name first) or by Library of Congress subject heading(s) or by keywords.

Use connectors to combine keywords. Common connectors are: and, or and not

Keyword Examples:

single parents and New York City

Muslim women and hijab

"college" or "university"  will search for and retrieve books with either term

"mandate" or "require" are synonyms that you may want to search

Search tip: Because a not search may eliminate some records that might be helpful, consider using "not" to reduce the number of results, or to eliminate results that are not on the topic you want.  Example: Tuition not private colleges will eliminate all records mentioning the terms tuition and private colleges.


If the Newman Library Doesn't Have the Book You Need

Due to the pandemic, many libraries remain closed and print resources are not available for borrowing.

If the Newman Library doesn't have an e-book that you want, you may be able to find it in a public library's electronic collections.  Some libraries in New York are opening and enabling borrowing of requested books.

You can search to see if the book is available in a local public library.