First Year Seminar: Library Resources Fall 2019

Sources for background information and tips on building searches

When You Know The Publication's Name

For Background Reading - To Help Get Started

Suggested Databases for Contemporary Issues

Using "And" and "Or" to Build Your Keyword Searches

Keyword searches may be built by using the connectors "and" and "or" in your searches of the databases.

Using "and" will narrow the results to articles/records in the databases that contain both, or all the terms in your search.

Example: slavery and power  will retrieve records mentioning both terms   Other examples: novel and film adaption; music and culture  fate and theme

Using "or" will enlarge your search as either term will be retrieved

Connectors may be used in the same search  Example  (film or cinema or movie) and (fate as a theme) and (youth or childhood)

Ethnic and Gender Studies Databases

These databases include newspapers, general publications, and some academic/scholarly publications that focus on the area of ethnic studies, women studies and LGBTQ studies.

What Does Embargo Mean?

Embargo means that the database you are searching does not permit certain issues, usually the most recent issues, of a journal to be available full-text in the database.  Another database may have the article available. If not, articles may be requested through interlibrary loan at no cost.

What Does Find It Mean?


The article is not available full-text in the database.

Click on Find it! options at CUNY.  A new window will open

to see if the article is available in other databases;

to search to see if another CUNY library has the needed journal;

or if you will need to make an Interlibrary Loan request.

Interlibrary loan requests are free to students and faculty.  (The library pays any costs.)