POL 4900: Social Movements in the United States - Prof. de Graauw, Fall 2019

Timelines and selected organizations involved in various social movements

Selected Timelines of Social Movements

Locating a timeline of a social movement helps identify specific events, stages, groups and individuals involved in the movement.  Timelines may be found in background articles about movements, either in web sites or in background articles about a movement found in encyclopedias, or in print or online books, and in media such as newspapers and documentaries on television oe library guides. Searching Google and Google Scholar will retrieve timelines also. 

The following are representative of timelines available:

Murdered Civil Rights Workers - Included a Queens College Student

FBI  Poster of three civil rights workers, Andrew Goodman

New York native and Queens College student Andrew Goodman, along with James Chaney and Michael Schwerner, went missing the first day in 1964 that they were in Mississippi to register African Americans to vote as part of the "Freedom Summer."  They were missing for six weeks before their bodies were discovered.  Ku Klux Klan members were later found guilty of the murders.