POL 2260: Intro to Comparative Government - Prof. Johnson, Fall 2020

Newman Library databases that provide access to newspapers around the world.

Materials from Prof. Johnson for Assignment

Free Digital Access to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

As a Baruch student, you may start free subscriptions to the digital editions of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Access will be for one year from the date the subscription starts.  It may be renewed as long as one is a CUNY student, faculty or staff member.  Other databases offer these major newspapers and the ability to search past articles.

Newspaper and Newspaper Databases

The following are suggested U.S. and international newspapers that may be searched in library databases.

In addition to the link to the publication, examples of a search are provided.  Various country elections are used as examples. They are guides on how searches may be done for the election you are researching.

Tips: Each of the databases offer options for limiting the dates of coverage.  Once you know the date of the election, you can search prior to the election and afterwards.

Some major English language newspapers:

These databases are available through the Newman Library.  They may be accessed through the links below or selecting Databases under "Define Your Search" on the Newman Library homepage and then search and select databases by name.  Another alternative is to select Databases by Subject, look under General and Reference and then select Newspapers.  (You may not always want to come back to this guide.)

Search Examples for Newspaper Databases For Elections

Factiva, Nexis Uni, Ethnic NewsWatch and Alt-Press Watch are databases with a collection of newspapers. They can be searched by the links below or searching for them under Databases on the Newman Library homepage and then selecting them by name.

Some tips:

If you haven't searched these databases before this assignment, you might want to review the examples first.  They provide step-by-step information on creating a search and narrowing it to reduce results (if needed).

You may want to download or email the examples to yourself so you can refer to them as you search a database.

The examples focus on one country's election, political parties and leader.  You can adapt the examples to the election that you have searched.

A Listing of the World's Newspapers

It is likely that only the recent issues of a paper available by its website will be free.  

Once you know the name of the newspaper(s) you want to search, you can enter their name(s) in the Newspaper search on the Newman Library homepage  and search newspapers by their name(s).  If the newspaper is available, the database(s) available through the Newman Library will be shown.  You can select a database, limit your search to the specific newspaper and then search by keywords.

Encouragement for You From A Long Way Away

When Librarian Rita Ormsby, who made this guide, was in high school in Iowa, she became friends with an exchange student from New Zealand. They have remained in touch and have been able to visit each other several times. In the spring, her friend Pam contacted her to see how she was and how New Yorkers are doing.  She's a retired librarian and her husband is a retired high school principal.  When they contacted Prof. Ormsby, she mentioned she was working on this guide.  They wished you well  on the assignment and reminded me that their prime minister Jacinda Ardern could be used as a search example.  (Prof. Ormsby later learned that her friends' daughter and Jacinde Ardern shared an apartment while they were students and have remained in touch.)

So, Prof. Ormsby incorporated the idea in the search example for searching Nexis-Uni.  (See the box to the left.)

New Zealand was the first country to allow women to vote, and other countries, including the U.S. followed.  The Kiwis have had several previous female prime ministers.

The New Zealand election has been delayed until October 17.  The delay was announced after some Covid-19 cases occurred shortly after the country went 100 days without a reported case. 

Photo of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern 

More information about her may be found on her official home page.  Official home pages could be valuable sources of information for other world leaders and candidates.  Social media sources to keep up to date may also be available on these pages.