POL 2260: Intro to Comparative Government - Prof. Johnson, Fall 2020

The following databases are available through the Newman Library. Some websites of political think tanks are also suggested.

Selected Suggested Websites

These are a few of the many information providers available.  Some are included in the library's databases.  If you are asked to subscribe to any of the following to gain access to articles, search the library's journal search to learn where coverage is available.

Google Scholar

Databases to Search and Find Articles

Selecting and searching databases enable you to search thousands of possible resources at the same time. 

The suggested databases below are in addition to Factiva, Nexis-Uni, Alt-News and Ethnic NewsWatch covered in newspapers:

Voting and Election Campaign Images


photo of young Nigerian woman voting on a laptop computer

Nigerian woman voting on a laptop computer.  Photo from BBC News website.

Mexico outdoors parading with political flags and Mexican flag

Mexicans prior to the 2018 presidential election