ENG 2100T: Writing I - Festivals

Researching festivals from a cultural, social and business point of view.

Find a Festival

Undecided about the festival you want to research? Try one of these sources that list holidays and festivals in New York City and worldwide.

What kind of Festival?

Festivals come in many forms. Think about the type of festival you want to research.

  • art festival
  • community festival
  • dance festival
  • folk festival
  • food festival
  • music festival
  • religious festival

Start with an Encyclopedia

Explore your research topic by using encyclopedias for -

  • Definitions, theories and key concepts
  • Historical context and background
  • Identification of experts in the field
  • References to articles and books

Approaches to Researching Festivals

There are many approaches you can take when studying festivals, for example, you can look at the festival through the eyes of an anthropologist, an economist, a sociologist, or a historian. A selection of encyclopedia articles listed here will help you understand how these experts research and write about festivals.

These essays have been taken from the Gale eBooks. Use this database to discover other approaches to festival research or to find articles on the festival you are researching.

A Selection of Books about Festivals